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Today is Tuesday, May 23, 2017

WIN! Junkshion's 1st Anniversary Giveaway!


Win a MAC PRO Longwear Lipcreme (your choice of shade)! All you have to do is drop me comments with your name, email address and your choice of shade. Limit to 8 comments per day.

You must be a follower of Junkshion to join this giveaway.

 Open internationally. Please refer below for the shades available.

Thank you for all your support!

Made to Last Deep plummy brown (Frost)

Till Tomorrow Grey mauve brown (Cream)

Sweet Ever After Copper (Frost)

Faithfully Yours Blackened dirty purple (Cream)

Goes and Goes Blue violet (Cream)

Love Forever! Bright blue pink (Cream)

Perpetual Flame Pink cranberry (Cream)

Unlimited Mid-tone dirty rose (Cream)

Overtime Light baby pink (Cream)

Extended Play Blackened brick red (Cream)

Prolong True red (Cream)

Good to Go Loudmouth orange (Cream)

    *Giveaway closes 1st October 2010, Friday @ 7pm (Singapore time / UTC+8)


Good luck!


L'Oreal Beauty Sale


Discounts of up to 80%! The L’Oreal Beauty Sale starts on Thursday this week at the Expo with huge discounts on skincare, cosmetics and hair products. Expect to find products from popular brands such as Elseve, Garnier, Maybelline, L’Oreal Paris and more going at massively reduced prices. A great time to stock up on beauty and body essentials!

Event Details:

Date: 23 – 25 September 2010

Time: 10am to 8pm

Venue: Singapore Expo Foyer 2, Level 2


Recommendations Please.


Hi all, please do share with me if you have recommendations for spa, facial etc. Thanks in advanced!





Quick Post: Aidilfitri LOTD - Featuring Lap of Luxury Lipglass


Me and my brother at my uncle's block

edit: This was taken after 8 hours of application. Only the lipglass and some powder touch up were done.

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri!



Ménage à trois


LOL @ the title. Cheeky!

Walked around City Hall after I knocked off from work for last minute Hari Raya shopping. Preparation for this year's festive season is so late. Everything is last minute and I'm being a minimalist. I strike off few things off the list like the clutch (because I don't use it everyday). Anyway, I purchased 3 items from MAC. There was a GST rebates promo thingy going on too.

Stocked up my Fix+ and giving the Fortified Skin Enhancer a shot.

My current obsession is dark lip colors which explains why I purchase Lap of Luxury.

On a lighter note, I will be working 1/2 day tomorrow and I still have some last minute shopping to do with my brother.

PS: I have yet to "spring clean" my room! I did not take any leave to do so. LOL.


Maybelline Gel Eyeliner Coupon


Source: http://www.in15mins.com/powerinyou_main.php


Cheap Thrills


Here are just some things I bought last night and a few days back. Accompanied my mum to John Little, Marina Square last Sunday to purchase some necessities like quilt covers, bedsheets, pillows, towels and such. Accumulated some JL$ from my mum's value plus (???) membership and paid only $3 for some apparels for work worth $70+. LOL. I bought basics and avoid florals and such because I don't want to bump into some old auntie wearing the same print/design. JL is very popular with office aunties right? LOL.

Anyway, I also went to the TBS sale at Suntec Convention since it's just beside my office. I did not go crazy because I am not much of a fan. The crowd is OK and it was well organized. The offer is no different from those atrium sales that were usually held at shopping malls.

Nude makeup sponges were 2 for $1 @ JL.

I only purchased body wash for my boyfriend (he has a fascination with body wash), organic cotton rounds (2 for $5) and 2 perfume oils at the TBS sale.

While walking from the office to Suntec, I browsed through Muji and randomly bought some snacks (half have been eaten prior to photo taking session. LOL.) on sale.  Good stuff! Yums!

Ada blogged about Starbucks' past season merchandise sale last week. I just had to check it out. I went there after work and most stuff were already gone. I purchased two tumblers (2 for $15) for the office.

I have been busy with work and I have yet to purchase shoes, accessories and such for Hari Raya. Every year, I made Hari Raya as an excuse to buy accessories even though I don't really use them. I think it's down time that I take my T&Co babies out for polishing because they are so dull and losing the shine. My pendant turned black (oxidized) and I chucked it away. I am procrastinating on the polishing!

I have 120 bottles (4 huge boxes) of VS mist orders and they arrived a few days back. I am finally left with one last box to sort and pass/post to the respective buyers.

Hari Raya is just around the corner! I have yet to feel the excitement but am looking forward to seeing my loved ones.



...of work and anniversary.


I've been a member of Onsugar for 46 weeks and just a week plus more will make it an anniversary. I apologise for not updating regularly as I have been very busy with work. By the time I reach home, I will break fast with my family, clean up, wash up and head to bed. Sometimes, it will just be a short stroll at the park near my place or a little grocery shopping with my  boyfriend. These little things excite and makes me happy now. Time is short when you are working. Anyway, lookout for my anniversary giveaway. I mentioned a "series" of giveaway before but did not adhere to it. My bad!

Anyway, how are you ladies doing?



Maybelline Magnum Volum' Express Mascara Coupon



For more details please visit http://www.in15mins.com/powerinyou_main.php




Presenting: Sigma Beauty Face and Eyes Kit


Received Sigma Beauty's Face and Eyes Kit just a few days ago in the mail. Thank you for the opportunity Sigma! I am looking forward to using them. They are super soft (and fluffy, I'm gonna die! LOL)! Please stay tuned for my review in a few weeks to come. I really am curious to know if they are really worth all the hype, raves etc. Does it live up to it's name and serve the purpose of what it claims to do?




What's in the Face and Eyes Kit?




Description from their website.



F30 - Large Powder Brush



F50 - Duo Fibre Brush



E30 - Pencil Brush


E40 - Tapered Blending Brush



E55 - Eye Shading Brush



F45 - Buffer



For more information, go on and visit www.sigmabeauty.com!


Do stay tuned for my review in a few weeks to come!




*Products featured here were sent to me by Sigma Beauty for review purposes.


La Senza "Take It Off"


Up to 60% off ladies intimates!

Here’s another round of great deal coming for the ladies: La Senza’s “Take it Off!” Event at Isetan Shaw Centre. Ladies lingerie will be discounted up to 60%!

Event Details:
Date: 20 – 26 August 2010 (ends at 6pm on last day)
Venue: Shaw Centre L1 Promo Studio

Photo Credit / Source: http://www.greatdeals.com.sg/2010/08/la-senza-take-it-off-event-at-isetan/

I love La Senza for it's cheeky, pretty and bright offerings. It's wallet friendly too. I am definitely checking this out on my off day!


What's On?


Hey there, I saw Jo's (MissJology) post on a meet up this Thursday but unfortunately I won't be able to make it. Jay (Feistyskies) is also having a meet up this Friday. If you girls are keen, please do join them and the fun! Details as follows.

MissJology's Meet Up

Thursday, 19th August 2010.

Feistyskies' Meet Up

Friday, 20th August 2010.



Acnes 3 Step Kit


The Sample Store (Fr3b) has sent me the Acnes 3 Step Kit to try out. I am currently using them and it has been a few days now. Look out for my review soon!

For more information, please go to http://acnes.com.sg/.


* Acnes products featured here were sent to me by The Sample Store.



What's going on?


Last weekend was my boyfriend's birthday. I was kinda disappointed because I expected his birthday gifts from UK to arrive before his birthday but I only received the package yesterday. Apart from that, I am pretty disappointed for not being able to attend the WOW party on 21st August that I was invited to. I cancelled the Bigger, Brighter eyes event/talk by CozyCot and was happy to know that they allow me to change it to Sunday's slot instead. I was glad that I could go to the WOW party but I have work on that day. Sighs.

Had nasi lemak at Boon Lay on eve of his birthday since it was already quite late and we had no idea where to go. The nasi lemak there is alright but could be better and as good as my mum's. LOL.

Just a last minute mini cake and durian puffs for him at the stroke of midnight.

His birthday gift package which arrived a few days late.

Ben Sherman shirt for him.

Dr Marten boots for him too. Thanks to my friend for helping me to purchase them!

Baked a 9 inch cheesecake as his actual birthday cake. Shared among our close friends on his birthday dinner.

Let me show you the simple steps just for fun! You can use any brands you like! You can make it with any type of your favorite fruit, chocolate, cookies etc.

Melt some butter over the stove or just use microwave oven. I used Greenfield's (salted).

Property of my mum.

Prior to this, I've already mixed the finely crushed digestive biscuits with butter and some sugar (for the extra yum factor and crunch). Make sure it's a sand like texture. Press it well on your desired baking pan. I used a 9 inch pan lined with aluminium foil. Bake it for few minutes. Voila, the shell is done!

Cream the cream cheese, vanilla essence and sugar.

Beat the eggs one at a time.

Getting there!

Pour the mixture to the shell crust.

This is optional, you can leave the cheesecake plain and bake it. I took a few spoonfuls of berry compote and make blobs like above. You can use anything like your favorite jam, chocolate sauce, caramel sauce, bits of chocolate shavings, cookies etc.

Use a chopstick, skewer or anything and make swirls like above.

Bake it for 40 minutes. I accidentally broke the crust. Urgh! It was too thin.

You can leave it like that and chill it for at least 3 hours. The marbling effect looks fine but I decided to jazz it up.

Voila! Make sure you glaze the fruits so that it will appear shiny and will not dry up the fruit. I did not glaze because I did not have any in the fridge and it was meant to be eaten on that night itself.

So creamy and yummy! I wish to have a slice now.

With flash. LOL.

Anyway, Diana's sister, Sheifa once "baked" a no bake cheesecake. Do check it out!  I personally love baked cheesecake though because it is thick and creamy!  What about you?






Maybelline Color Sensational Lipcolor Coupon


For details, please visit http://www.in15mins.com/powerinyou_main.php


Review: Boots Botanics Conditioning Clay Mask


I bought this from Boots, Phuket (Jungceylon SC outlet) a month back.

It claims to work for all skin types.

In my opinion, the consistency is somewhat like a foundation. Think Revlon's Colorstay.

Notice the white powdery residue at the edges? It's actually a shade of pale green in reality. I merely spread the little blob and it dries up quickly.


Errr, please don't call me Shrek (a pale one!). Not that I look like one. LOL.

I usually slap on the mask and spread with my fingers. I will definitely start at the T Zone area (Is there any specific correct way on where to start "masking" first?) because I feel that most of the gunk are hanging out at the T Zone. T zone = Trendy Zone for them to hang out, get it? LOL. Scent wise, I don't find anything disturbing albeit being natural (products derived from natural ingredients have the impression of having funky smell, NO?)

My cheeks will usually be the last zone that I apply and of course, they take the longest to dry up. I believe the black tiny spots you see around the nose area are actually the "oil" that was sucked! I actually about it from other beauty bloggers that have tested this product. I really feel that it vacuums all the nasty gunk and other impurities. The fact that I can feel my skin tighten is already a winner for me, thumbs up! Anything that removes impurities from my face is a winner for me.

Anyway, this mask does dry up pretty quickly and it can take only up to 10 minutes (or even lesser) to dry up completely. Just like any "quick dry" formula foundations, you have to quickly blend, I mean spread the mask if you want it to be evenly/equally distributed. I wish that the mask is more concentrated so that it won't squirt out excess unexpectedly when I squeeze the tube! You have to watch out on this! On many occasions, I squeezed the tube and had some content on the mirror, my clothes, the floor, you name it!

This product has to be "shake well" so that the liquid and whatever compound will be even. If not, you will have some liquid that will leak out when you unscrew the cap. I would also prefer if the tube comes with a flip top cap instead of screw cap for convenience.

Even though it claims to keep skin hydrated after usage (refer to the image I took from Boots.com/Asia below), I feel my skin somewhat dry. Please ensure that you moisturize well with your favorite moisturizer. I think it's best to use once or twice a week. Over usage of  this might cause dry flaky skin and even make acne worse as dehydration can cause more oil secretion. I usually use it before bedtime and wash it off with lukewarm water (sometimes just cold tap water, I know it's a crime! LOL).

Will I repurchase? Yes especially since Boots.com/Asia delivers to Singapore!

Now, share with me your thoughts on your favorite mask!


Maybelline BB Cream $5 off Coupon


Product of the Week from in15mins.

Source: http://www.in15mins.com/powerinyou_main.php#

* You have to print the coupon online. No other information/details provided.


Bigger & Brighter Eyes!



Anyone signed up?

Image Credit: www.cozycot.com


Request a Look.



Terry Poison



Daisy Lowe

Siouxsie Sioux

Micheline Pitt

Siouxie Sioux

Cyndi Lauper

Katy Perry

Agyness Deyn

Kelly Osbourne

Beth Ditto

Taylor Momsen

Gwen Stefani

Kelly Osbourne

Mary Kate Olsen (I love her style to Ashley's)

Sophie Dahl

Courtney Love (I think Taylor Momsen is turning like her!)

Debbie Harry

Images Credit: www.google.com search

Hey! I have not done a look for quite sometimes now. Above are just some of my favorite  icons! I am a sucker for women with long hair, jet black hair color, strong lip color, bushy brows, messy eye makeup etc. Thus the icons are mostly indie, rock & roll, 80's! LOL. Feel free to request a look and I might just do it!

Oh yes, share with me who's your favorite icon be it style or beauty!




I have not purchased any cosmetic for quite sometimes now. I have been busy preparing stuff for my boyfriend's birthday this Saturday. Yay!

Anyway, I bought more Heal Pharm! LOL. I love them!

Notice the magic hair towel? It's actuallly microfibre towel. It's lightweight, convenient  and it's only $1.05 from ABC stores island wide. Unfortunately, my hair is too long for this!

I am not sure if it comes in any other colors because I only saw three packs of blue.

Some stuff from Manchester, UK. My friend resides in Manchester and I always ask her to get stuff for me. I paid them myself but she always paid shipping for me! She threw in some TBS goodies. I found out that the shade she threw in are not available on TBS Singapore website. They might not be sold here, no?

The latest TBS Delipscious Sheer Lipcolor  in 06, Grape and TBS Lipcolor in 30, Beechnut.

AVEDA liquid foundation that I initially asked for purchase. Lucky for me, my friend is of the same shade as me thus it's easy for her to get my fix of foundations!

Anyway, I have opened up a new spree for Sugarpill Cosmetics! Someone asked me if I will be doing a spree for Sugarpill and so, I decided to open one. Click here for spree.

Check out here and here for swatches and tutorial by Sarah!


Sugarpill Cosmetics Spree #2 - Closed



Sugarpill Cosmetics Spree is now open.

Non OnSugar members welcomed. Please leave a comment here!

International shipping cost are as follows (all in USD):

Orders under $20 ship for $6

Orders up to $40 ship for $8

Orders up to $60 ship for $10

Orders up to $75 ship for $12

Shipping is FREE on orders over $75 regardless of where you live!

International shipment time may vary between 2-6 weeks.

I am aiming to order over $75 so that there will be free shipping.

Please note that in case we do not reach over USD 75, I will have to ask for shipping cost. Shipping cost will be divided by the number of person joining the spree.

Terms and conditions:

I will not be liable for loss or damage of mails for the delivery from Sugarpill Cosmetics to me. I will only be able to meet up at my convenience. Mass meet up will be announced when items arrived.

If you are not able for meet up, please pay for normal postage of $0.25 per piece/product.

Please top up an additional $2.50 for registered post.

I will not be liable for loss or damage of mails once item has been mailed.

Please ensure that you have ordered correctly because I will not be liable for wrong item.

No payment = no orders.

Once payment is made and spree is closed, no changes can be made.

Exchange rate:

USD 1 = SGD 1.45


Sugarpill Cosmetics --- Me --- You

Mode of Payment:

POSB Savings 151-26014-4


Standard Chartered Xtra Saver 57-1-943708-4.

Order Format:

Onsugar username and Name:

Email Address:

Mode of collection:

Order #1 Item





Alt: Price:

Total number of items:

Total cost in USD:

Grand total: Total price of items x 1.45 = SGD

*Credits to michelle (icefrost) for spree format

For non members, please leave me your order by leaving a comment here.

Spree will close on Wednesday, 11th August 2010 before midnight.


Pass Me Downs?


Jay recently posted a "free goodies" post last week and I was one of the first few who got myself something from here. She even threw in an extra. I initially asked for two lipsticks. Thank you so much Jay!

The Landgravine lipstick reminds me of Sonia Rykiel's lipstick because of the stripes except that they are of different colors. The Rimmel lipstick (from Color Show Off collection) smells heavenly! A cross between berries and sweets?

I used the blush creme today and it's is great. It's not oily at all! Blending was easy too.

Thanks again Jay!



Gross Out!!! Heal Pharm Nose Pore Cleansing Sheet.


Warning: This might be gross to some. Apologies in advanced.

After reading everbluec's post, I have decided that I should give it a try. This pack of 10 individually wrapped nose strips cost $1.95 (promo price / RP: $2.95). Me and my boyfriend tried it!

The fun part...

I guess the strip being black made the blackheads appear clearer and better. LOL. I swear this is the best I ever used (not because it's black but because it adheres better on my nose and it does strip well). Time to ditch the idea of buying the Biore ones as this is a much BETTER and CHEAPER option! Try them! The black ones at Watsons IMM outlet is already OOS. FYI, Watsons at Malaysia are selling them for RM9.90 (more expensive!!!).



Physiogel's Blogger Event


Hey all, I know this isn't new and I finally have the time to blog about the event!

Of all days, I happened to forget my camera on the day of the event itself. Sighs. Thus, I had to "borrow" photos from other bloggers.

The lovely Ju Ann invited me for Physiogel's Blogger Event which was organised on 20th July, 2010 at Grand Park Hotel Ballroom 2. First off, I would like to thank Ju Ann once again for the invite

Why Physiogel?


Source: www.physiogelrepair.com

Photos credit: http://buttcracks.onsugar.com

The goodies I received.

The bloggers sans those who prefer to be kept anonymous.

Photo Credit: http://luvverlyn.onsugar.com/

Time for you to Repair, Rehydrate and Revitalise!

Read on to know how...

Do give Physiogel products a shot! Physiogel is now having a promotion for you to redeem a complimentary exclusive travel pack! All you have to do is visit http://www.physiogelrepair.com/#/promotion/.

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